Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

My spouse is visiting our kids on an extended vacation in Europe so I have been left to fend for myself. This includes everything from cleaning, shopping, and cooking. It has been an adventure that has had me perplexed in many ways. I always thought than man was the only one to know how to light the BBQ or make that perfect rib eye steak on it. I still believe that man is the only one that knows exactly how long to bake a Tony's $1.95 pizza so it is just right. You can give a man KFC and he will eat for a day but if you teach a man to cook then he will manage to screw it up one way or the other. But there is something more to this cooking that has had me perplexed and wondering. I have made BLT's, toasted cheese sandwiches, homemade chicken soup, bagels, bread, and all sorts of things with recipe's taken from books, family, friends, and the internet.

Have you ever noticed that something always taste better when your spouse or loved one makes it for you? Even the simplest of things always taste better when they make it. You can follow all of the recipe instructions to the 'T' but it still is not the same. This has me led to believe that there is a Secret Ingredient. Now if that sounds ominous or like a secret plot then perhaps it is and I think I have discovered it. It is because of this discovery that I believe that all of the recipe's that you find and use are not for you at all but instead for the one that you make it for.

So now is the time for me to divulge the Secret Ingredient. It is Love.

I hope this comforts many of us out here that have always wondered.

Cheers, Vic


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