Sausage, BBQ Smoke, curvature solution...the easy way

The other day, at Yellowstone Park, it dawned on me that some of you might appreciate a little technique I have done for a long time that just might be an original. I really don't care, enjoy.

BBQing sausage (andouille, Italian, Polish, Cajun, Spanish), which have nice concave-convex sides, present a problem if you like you weenie BBQed on all sides (sorry Carlos Danger)......and like smokey flavor.

Take two 2"x2" pieces of wood (your choice) the length of you grill surface, and put them on the grill when you start warm up. They will begin to char and smoke. Cook your weenies on the two flat sides while the wood pieces continue to smoke under a cover. Now, move your weenies to their convex or concave sides and press the two pieces of wood together to hold the sausage in the correct position (10 at a time in my case) to cook a third side. Repeat on the other curved side. Cook to finish, and you have cooked and smoked your weenies. My current pieces of hickory are in their third year, nicely charred, and still going strong with billows of smoke while my weenies cook. Yes, I have done the wood "chip in-foil thing" but this is as much about cooking the sausage on all sides as smoking. Enjoy...thanks Carlos.


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