Mushroom Catsup--

So, I made some mushroom catsup, and while it is fascinating and tasty, I really have no idea what to do with it.

I've used it as steak/burger sauce, and in bloody marys (AMAZING), but I can't think of any other applications. Delicious, but very strongly flavored. I've thought of using it to glaze pork loin, but i'm afraid it will burn.

Here's the recipe I used--

2 pounds of mushrooms, diced small, then heavily salted and left out for 24 hours. Dump into a pot with an onion diced small, lots of black pepper, good hit of allspice, cumin, little hot sauce, and about half a cup of white balsamic. Simmered for about two hours until, well, goo-like, and blended smooth with a stick blender. Simmer a little longer, because why not. Let mellow at least overnight, and it seems to be getting better with time (made it three days ago).

So! Any thoughts as to what to do with it? Also, anyone here ever made their own? Alternate recipes/additions would be welcome as well.


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