Fancypants Sweets in NY (outside of restaurants)!

Hi! Single tourist on an artery clogging dessert blitz! I've done a bit of research on the Sugar Rush columns, with some great and some disappointing. With 2 days left, I decided to ask for specific advice!

Admittedly I'm enthralled with the use of flavour and textural contrasts and OCD exactness of moee modern entremet style pastries (some typical French/Jap names come to mind) but im also a chocolate fiend. I've been to most of the big names in NY like Dom. Ansel (cronut, DKA, Paris B.) and Payard (G. V, Decadance) which were okay but expensive (though not as bad as Boulud, I mean its decent but really pricey). Almondine in Brooklyn was awesome for the price. Tried mostly chocolate mousse cakes and bombes at Ceci Cela, Canelle in Queens and Corrado and didnt think they were all that good since they were essentially sponge and mousse in composition, and also because they weren't cheaper than the more interesting pieces from DA and FP. Passed on others like Claude and Financier because they also didnt look interesting and havent been to LPQ, La Maison du Chocolat, Lady M and Maison Kayser because I wanted to try stuff that I cant get back home.

I realise this is because I usually zoom in on chocolate pieces, so its not fair...and since my time (and stomach capacity) is running out, I was wondering if you guys have any specific recommended cakes/pastries at specific stores? I was thinking of making another run to Almondine and Eataly as well.

Also, fancypants cakes aside, are there any good chocolate desserts/packages ice cream sandwiches recommended? Ive tried the column featured chocolate molten cakes at Spot and Chikalicious (both really good) and the cake at The Choc. Room and wanted to know any that can be found out of restaurants (or if the restaurant allows me to just order sweets). I've tried Payard, Melt and Coolhaus and am heading for Torres next. After the epic mess & disappointment at Meatball Shop I just dont trust sandwiches made on-site anymore...


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