Do you Dress it up? Or Leave it Alone?

I read an article on Yahoo this morning stating that Cheerios, once again, has ranked as the healthiest cereal around, and becomes even more so when you add fruit to it (

This made me think back to when I was little and for a short time my mother tried to get me to put a sprinkle of sugar on my Cheerios as a topping, but I flatly refused. I have always loved it - it's still my favorite cereal and a go-to comfort food for me to this day - and always will, but I like it just plain. Nothing on it. No bananas or other fruit, no sugar, not even milk, most of the time. Just plain is good for me.

So, do you top your Cheerios (or other cereals, if Cheerios isn't your thing)? Or do you leave it plain? What made you start putting something on it? Was it a mother trying to make it go down easier, or add more nutrition, or did you just get inspired to try something new one day and found a winning combination?


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