Carnitas help/tricks?

About to serve carnitas (slow-cooked pork shoulder that is then shredded, anyway) to a large group, and wondering if anyone had tips on how to speed up the crisping stage.

I normally make my carnitas by taking 5-8 pounds of pork shoulder, and simmering it in a large pot with limes, oranges, chiles, cumin, and broth/water up to half-way up the shoulder, until it shreds easily. While perfectly enjoyable at this stage, I then crisp it up by putting the shredded pork into a large baking dish, ladling the rendered fat/broth over it to almost cover, and baking at 400 degrees, stirring periodically until the meat absorbs most of the liquid, and starts to crisp/burn around the edges. Tasty and magical.

My problem is that i'm taking the braised and shredded pork to a friend's house, planning on doing the crisping stage there; however, I'm trying to avoid making everyone wait for an hour or two while it finishes. Any suggestions as to how I can speed up this part of the cooking?

While the pork is perfectly fine without that step, I'm trying to show off for some friends, so any suggestions/Mexican-grandmother-secrets would be greatly appreciated.


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