You favorite easy dinner

I never really feel like making a big ordeal out of dinner but I lately have discovered some easy stress free and don't need to use a oven for in the summer that's inportant. I also like to try some meals with lean protein and chicken is my go-to and I am trying to cook chicken breasts with out over cooking them. I lately will make chicken tenders on my Griddler/panini grill and just doing salt and pepper and olive oil and boiling water for pasta and making a pesto from a dry wild tree mix or frozen basil and tossing the pasta and cooked chicken in the pesto I only make a 2 serving amount and I will have dinner the next day also. Or like I did tonight I made pineapple rice just drain pineapple and measure the juice and add enough water to equal 2 cups and throw the cubed up pineapple with the juice and water in my rice cooker and meanwhile add some olive oil to a skillet add minced garlic and cut up a chicken breast into pieces and cook on medium in the pan add a bit of soy sauce and cook till the biggest price comes to temp. Put some rice in a bowl and add half the chicken and juices over the rice and stir to combine. It is so good the chicken was moist and tasty. The sweet and salty works well and it's easy and I have more left for tomorrow. So what do you make that is easy that serves 1 or 2.


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