Where should I eat in Kentucky? Which distilleries to visit?

Hello. I will be traveling through Kentucky in late July and would love to hear some recommendations for food and distilleries. Is going through Owensboro worth it for the mutton barbecue? Any suggestions for Bardstown? Suggestions for Louisville? Lexington? Places in-between? Mostly interested in home-style southern places as I live in New York, so am already overloaded with fine dining establishments. Are hot browns just for tourists or do Kentuckians enjoy them as well? Anything off-the-beaten-track would be appreciated. How is Hillbilly Tea in Louisville? Looks pretty interesting and fun. Also, can anyone recommend some smaller distilleries I should visit? I'm planning on visiting Buffalo Trace and/or Maker's Mark for a larger option. How does that sound? I'm also really into beer. I'm going to try and make it to Against the Grain. Anywhere else that I should go for excellent beer? Anyway, sorry for the rambling post but I'm excited to see what Kentucky has to offer. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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