When a Substitute Disappoints

After not having eaten it in literally decades, I recently rediscovered my love of Froot Loops, especially the ones with marshmallows that I can only seem to find at my local Wal-Mart (darn store exclusives!)....

...anyway, I ran out and at the grocer, due to a special on Kellogg's cereal and it being double-coupon day, I was unable to find a single box of any variety of Froot Loops. In a funk about it, I decided that I recalled Berry Berry Kix being tasty and somewhat reminiscent of Froot Loops, so I decided to opt for that instead.

Flash forward to last night, after working out at the gym especially long, just to ensure that I could really enjoy a giant bowl of Kix without guilt and I got all of a few spoonfuls into it and become heavily, totally, sadly, disappointed in it. I finished the bowl, but it made my efforts in the gym seem worthless. I mean, if I am going to work out, I want my reward (i.e. the Froot Loops that I was secretly hoping these Kix would emulate) to be really tasty. I could have had two giant Snickers for the calorie intake that I had in disappointing Kix.

And now I have a box of Kix that I am staring at in with disdain for disappointing me so much.

Has this ever happened to any of you? have you ever loved something, only to not have access to it and found a substitute that just didn't live up to your real desire? Maybe Kraft Dinner that didn't mimic Velveeta, or Wendy's fries that just weren't the same as McDonald's?


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