What to do with peach BBQ sauce?

Last week, I had to process all the peaches from my peach tree before they all rotted. I ended up with 2 jars of preserves, a large mason jar of peach BBQ sauce, and 2 peach pies (one is gone and another is frozen). I didn't actually can the preserves/BBQ sauce properly, so I should probably use them up relatively quickly. I'm not so worried about the preserves, since there's more sugar to preserve it and I eat it every morning for breakfast. However, I need to use up the BBQ sauce faster. I put some on grilled pork chops, pizza, and even used it as a dip for french fries (forgot to buy ketchup).

Any other suggestions to use up the BBQ sauce? I don't like to eat a ton of meat, so non-meat recipe suggestions would also be appreciated.


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