Tomato water: from canned tomatoes, as substitute for wine?


I'm getting married in a few days and I could really use your help with solving a problem. Almost half of the wedding party have for religious reasons chosen to forego wine in favour of non-alcoholic options. These options are atm water, an intense fresh blueberry juice, fresh apple juice and sodas.

While all these are tasty I have a feeling they won't go as well with the main courses (grilled top blade steak or a nice grilled white fish) as wine and sake will.

So I have two questions:

1. Might tomato water or a non-alcoholic drink made from tomato water be a better substitute for wine than sodas and juices?

2. Can tomato water be made from canned whole tomatoes or are fresh tomatoes the only way to go?

The reasons I'm wondering about the canned tomatoes are that they may be an easier sell by virtue of being peeled and ready to go (chef might not be keen on this last-minute idea otherwise) as well as for their flavour, picked and preserved as they are at the peak of their ripeness.

Any and all help you may have in the form of experiences or thoughts would be very much appreciated!



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