need advice for healthy foods for husband that hates veggies!

My husband absolutely hates vegetables big or small yet he expresses to me that he wants to eat healthy...but I am having difficulty getting him to eat veggies. I have the nutribullet so i have started making him juices in the morning and putting veggies and fruit to mask the flavor but he doesnt even like drinking those...i need help... im eating healthier because im pregnant but I cant get him to eat the foods i cook. I do not want to be cooking two separate meals all the time...He tells me that he wants to eat healthy yet i find him separating all the veggies.. Any creative recipes out there? We are latino and he is very picky so he doesnt like seafood or asian food.. if it was up to him he would eat hamburgers, fries, steak, ribs, and pasta all the time.....


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