Fast Food Mistakes

This started a good debate on a blog I read and while we may not be all about fast food it was interesting. What are some fast food mistakes you encountered? Who are the worst offenders. My post on that blog was as follows

"For me when I go to fast food places, it is almost always because I want something very specific. Therefore there is nothing that upsets me more with fast food than when they are out of something or can not make something. I never go at odd times so they should be stocked. Mostly since I love McDonalds IceCream their machine seems to be down at many locations quite a bit. Burger King has also been out of cones quite a few times during their 50 cent promotion

Also, I don't go to burger king much but when I do I usually get a Whopper but sub the meat patty for a veggie patty and ask for no mayo. After getting through the confusion that I want a veggie patty but everything else with the whopper and not the "veggie burger" (they need to yell this to the kitchen because apparently there is no substitue patty button) Almost always I get my burger and there is mayo. By this point I just say what the hell and scrape it off which usually results in scraping lettuce too, but what the heck"


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