Where to eat? Eastern / Southern Road Trip

Hi everyone,

A friend and I are going on a road trip down through the Eastern and Southern US and we're looking for the best eats.

Here's the schedule as it stands June 21 to 23
Dover, DE (Firefly Music Festival) - We're staying in Rehoboth Beach so anywhere around for meals would be great

June 24
Tampa Bay (We're flying from Washington on this day - yes yes we know it's a bit of a cheat but we're driving back up!)

June 25
Tampa Bay to Atlanta (breakfast in TB, lunch somewhere in between, dinner in Atlanta)

June 26
Atlanta to Myrtle Beach (breakfast in Atlanta, lunch somewhere in between, dinner in Myrtle Beach)

June 27
Myrtle Beach to Washington / Baltimore (Breakfast in Myrtle Beach, Lunch in between, dinner in Washington/Baltimore)

June 28
NYC (3 meals/or multiple small bites) Bar/Pub suggestions for this evening, somewhere to catch the Yankees game on a TV perhaps?

June 29
NYC to Boston (Breakfast & Lunch in NYC, Dinner in Boston)

June 30
Boston (3 meals/multiple small bites)

I know NYC/Boston will be the easiest on the list, so suggestions on the Southern route are what we are looking for.

Some details: Types of cuisine - anything is fair game, but we want to taste local regional specialties more than anything

Dietary Restrictions/Allergies - none!

Price Range - Mostly cheap eats is best, but mid-priced dinner options are more than welcome.

Must haves - Fresh oysters, seafood, barbecue, good breakfasts (this is often overlooked!)

Hope there are some well-versed Serious Eaters out there. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!



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