Traditional Morcilla vs. UK/Irish-style Black Pudding

Headed out to a lovely British owned pub in town the other day, as I had heard they had a full fry-up on their menu. For the uninitiated, this essentially means a meat-feast of artery-clogging wonder (including bacon, sausage, black and/or white pudding), grilled mushrooms, fried eggs, beans and toast. Hell, if you're in some parts of the UK, they throw a fried slice of bread on top. It's a glorious thing. I zeroed in on the black pudding, as I'm a huge fan and it's so hard to get here in the USA.

While the breakfast was just strictly OK, the black pudding turned out to be more of a morcilla than the oaty, bloody goodness of a black pudding. Now, I'm never opposed to pork blood of any variety, but this was undercooked morcilla, which frankly has the consistency of meat play-doh.

Not wanting to give up hope, I've brought this home and I intend to grill the hell out of it. What I'm wondering is does anyone have any tips for getting morcilla nice and crispy? Should I cut it small? Slice it? I've never really cooked with it before. Help!


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