too much basil (Thai and sweet/Italian)

I need more ideas using fistfulls of Thai Basil? No shellfish please (though we have access to veg/mushroom "fish sauce" for Thai cooking).

If I'd known how happy my basil plants were going to be in my suburban MD patio garden, I would have only planted 1 of each of them. As is I have 4 Thai Basil plants, 7 Genovese Basil, and 4 purple Italian plants (though they're noticeably smaller).

We're getting tired of thai-themed stirfry or Thai Basil Chicken/Tofu/Eggplant 2 nights a week, and other than making a simple syrup for cocktails I'm out of ideas for eating up the Thai Basil as quickly as it grows.

The Italian Basil is easier, pesto freezes well and watermelon season is coming up soon (basil+watermelon+feta=bite of heaven). It's also just less sharp and easier to munch on raw in salads and other lighter/summer preparations.

Any and all ideas welcome!


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