Spicy Hot Tomato Oil

I was in Wegman's today and saw the words from a distance "spicy hot tomato" all three things I like. I had to buy one.. actually I got one to also send my Mom in Hawaii. I'm lucky to have seen it as I was in a rush. I only get 30 minutes for a lunch break.

I brought my find back to the office to show my co-workers. The jar kept taunting me to open it. Try me on a plastic spoon or a cracker it whispered. It even followed me when I went to the bathroom. Okay so no it wasn't in the crapper, but fortunately, I had the strength to wait until dinner time some 5 hours away.

Here's what it looks like:

The people who make it have been in business over 25 years. They make it in small batches. It's got tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, honey, chili pepper, and some spiced oil in it as well.

It's fantastic I say! Not too spicy and I think just about anyone would like it. As you eat it you'll feel it a little more. It's great right out of the jar slapped on some bread and with that you'll taste a little bit of the sweetness from the tomatoes and honey. I also made it for dinner by mixing it in with some tomato sauce. I wanted to have more sauce with my pasta, but didn't want to waste all my precious Spicy Tomato Hot Oil. It was awesome. My 84 year old Grandmother thought it was great too.

Tomorrow I'm having pasta with it again, on the weekend probably use it in my eggs at breakfast, and for lunch try it on a pizza.

I liked it so much, I'm going to try and see if I can order a bunch from them at a discounted price. I mean, a store places an order I'm sure they get a discount, right? Everyone on my Christmas list is getting one of these.

You can order online or maybe find a store that carries it:

Hot Tom


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