Sourdough- almost got it right!

I am trying to perfect my sourdough loaf. I am going after a nice tang, open crumb, crispy crust. I have my sourdough starter, now about 3 weeks old living in my fridge and some KA bread flour. My first loaf, I tried to make it whole wheat, and it came out way too dense, and salty (my bad) without that sourdough flavor. My next loaf was a bit better in terms of flavor. I tried using steam to get a better crust. The crumb was closed though, and again too dense.

I've been doing some research, and attempted a higher hydration dough. I don't use a scale, so I don't know what % hydration it is, but I just did it by feel. I used a bit of commercial yeast this time to give it a boost. Shaping it was a b!tch, and I didn't know how to shape unwieldy doughs, so I struggled with it for a while. When I finally baked it, it had some great oven spring and developed a beautiful crust (though it sprouted a small tumor on the side, probably due to my poor shaping methods). I cut it open and revealed the desirable open crumb! Success!

But not so fast; when I took a bite through that crispy crust, I tasted the tang of sourdough, but it was flat. I forgot the salt!!! Sad face......

Lesson learned. Everything takes at least 3 tries before achieving perfection, right?

Share you're sourdough/ bread making adventures/ mishaps :)


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