Refreshing Food for Hot Weather

How do you guys cool off at the table? Do you rely on certain ingredients over and over again? (Yes, I know about ice). Any particularly refreshing dishes or recipes you want to share?

At my house we love cucumber spears mixed with lime juice, salt, and minced cilantro. We also like water chilled in the refrigerator with cucumber slices. I guess we're a cucumber house.

For breakfast we eat cereal bowls of fresh berries mixed with whole milk Greek yogurt and slivered almonds, or we make smoothies of berries, bananas, and soymilk. I guess we're a berry house.

We constantly have sun or refrigerator-steeped tea, both black leaves and sencha bags. And I make a lot of Thai Iced Tea, with chai tea bags and soymilk in place of Thai tea and sweetened condensed milk. Yes, we are a tea house also.

Cucumbers, berries, and iced tea.


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