Pans and their respective uses

Hi guys,

I was wondering what types of pans people own and what they use them for. Inspired by Kenji's tramontina vs all-clad post, I picked up a 10" saute.

My pans now are: -Tramontina 10" saute (stainless steel) -Lodge Logic 12" skillet (cast iron) -Vollrath 8" fry pan (aluminum) -Basic soup pot from Macys

I'm a college student so this is about all I can use.

I use my cast iron the most as cleanup is a breeze; searing meat or for a stirfry, sticking a casserole in the oven, it's perfect. I basically "retired" my vollrath because everything stuck like crazy and the surface scratched and stained really easily (I was heartbroken every time).

The tramontina is new so I've only tested frying an egg on it so far. It was pretty sticky. That said, a hot water soak was sufficient to clean it off. What is stainless steel usually used for?

Tl;dr: What kinds of pans do you own? What do you use them for? I love my cast iron What is stainless steel good for?


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