My full-sized burger sub experiment

In quite a few messages last week, I talked about my mini-burger subs, how these were a way to combines the length and room for customization of a sub with the beefy goodness of a hamburger, how I accessorize them (not just "toppings," but what I put on below the burger as well), and that I've been thinking about making a burger sub with full-sized patties. Well, I just made one a little while ago.

Before I get to the making of the sub, I've got to mention that I bought a deep fryer at a yard sale Friday. The guy who drives me back from my night job likes to stop at yard and garage sales in between work and where I get off on the weekends. At one on Friday, I saw this Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer, clean and in good condition for $5. Immediately, thoughts filled my brain about how great it would be to top my burger subs with homemade fries, as well other ideas like country-fried burgers, but that's for an upcoming experiment. The fryer was just the first my experiment-related buys that day. I'd need something to cut the potatoes with and I've seen this "Natural Cut for Perfect Fries" thing at the "As Seen On TV" aisle at a few stores lately, so I got one of those, too, as well as the rest of what I needed for the sub experiment.

Early this afternoon, I was washing my spuds to get 'em ready for cutting and drying, when I decided to use the Natural Cut. It's basically sleeves; one with the blade screen you put the potato on, and other you put over the spud and push down on. It took both hands to get the spud through the blades, but the results were great - the fries were around Burger King-sized in diameter, but even better - they were fresh and I could keep the skins on 'em, seasoned just with Lawry's! I bought 4 large potatoes, and after cutting 2, I figured that just one would make enough fries to top half a sub. Staring at the mound of fries I made, I decided to see what the Cool Daddy could do. Part 2 coming up!


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