Live Fire: 16 New York Restaurants With Tricked-Out Grills

This is the season to set up a grill on your rooftop or in your yard, invite a big group of friends over, and spend all day and night firing up barbecue ribs, oysters, corn, and brown-sugar peaches.
Sounds pretty perfect, right? But you live in New York, and backlinks and criar blog gratis that means your tiny, overpriced studio apartment doesn't include access to any kind of outdoor space. The good news is that plenty of restaurants around town can do the heavy-lifting for you this summer: Uncle Boon's is grilling blowfish tails, Backyard at the Pines is throwing all of its dishes onto a wood fire, and Takashi lets you grill your own tongue. Read on for a list of other crazy grill specials that will satisfy your life-fire cravings, straight ahead.

Takashi Meats are brought to your table raw and skewered so that you can cook your own food using the built-in grills. If "Testicargot" (escargot-style cow balls) aren't your thing, you can get short ribs and sweetbreads. It's pretty much exactly like grilling at home -- plus some "premium super-thick tongue."

Uncle Boon's Two Per Se vets are behind this popular, Power Rankings-stamped Thai spot in Nolita. There's a whole section of the menu dedicated to "charcoal grilled goodies," which include baby octopus, head-on prawns, and blowfish tails. All of those simply prepared dishes come with lime, garlic, and chili dipping sauces that add a spicy kick.

Mas (la grillade) Open-fire cooking is this West Village restaurant's specialty, and all the food is locally grown and sustainably raised. The current menu includes grilled squid stuffed with bay leaf, soft-shell crabs, pork confit, and wild-ramp polenta.

Backyard at the Pines The Pines opened up its outdoor space in mid-May, offering a special backyard menu of dishes that are all grilled over a wood fire. The menu's still evolving, but it has included grilled halumi with ramps and celery musta


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