How to make or where to buy Horchata in Chicago?

I recently bought my dad a bottle of Rumchata for father's day. He loved it, as I knew he would. He loves Horchata, so it only makes sense. He did ask if it was possible to make your own Horchata. I'm sure it is, but I have NO idea where to even begin. I live in Chicago, I city with a large latino population, so I'm sure it would be easy enough to buy the hardware to make your own. Does anyone know how to make horchata? And if not, where can I buy it retail? I can find it at local Mexican taquerias but only for personal consumption. If I were to buy it, I'd want, ya know, a gallon or so at a time. To summarize, does anyone know how to make Mexican horchata or where I can buy a lot at a retail establishment?


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