Gone-but-not-forgotten local joints of your youth

I grew up in Davenport, Iowa. Born 1980, left for college in 1998.

At the corner of Division and Kimberly was a little place called BG's Charbroiled Burgers.

I haven't had them since grade school, and all I can remember is that they did indeed have a charbroiled taste, completely different from the McDonald's and Wendy's that I had far more often, and not weirdbroiled like Burger King. And they were greasy as hell, served in shiny foil wrappers that simply said "HAMBURGER" or "CHEESEBURGER" in a very '80s font (I believe the font name is "Frankfurter Plain", look it up).

They closed so long ago that there's no Internet record of them at all. The only proof I have of their existence is that a friend of my sister's used to work there as a cook.

What places do you have like this, in your memory?


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