Francese Sauce

Francese Sauce

Does anyone have an easy recipe for Francese Sauce they like?

When you make a topic on this website it has a check mark that says "this topic has a recipe".. I should have an option for "this topic has a BAD recipe" lol.

I've never had it before, but I like lemons so I thought I'd give try. I don't like mushrooms so I left them out.

I found this recipe from some lady who used to own a restaurant for 28 years.

It was horrible! It was like lemon soup really. Had no thickness to it what so ever. Even if I had added the mushrooms it wouldn't have helped thicken it enough.

The recipe had 2 13 ounce cans of chicken broth in it, and 12 ounces of white wine. That seems very excessive.

My Grandmother has had this sauce before and she said it was too lemony.

Here's the recipe I tried:


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