Favorite food from video games?

This will be an exceedingly odd topic, but what the heck. What is some food featured in video games that is memorable to you? Did it make you hungry?

Personal examples:

- Monolith Burger, the McD's parody from the Space Quest series (1986-1995) and Jones in the Fast Lane (1990); menu items included "Filet-O-Orat" and "Space Spuds".

- the Cold Meal from Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001); it depicted a gigantic cured sausage - about the size of Hillshire Farm's Yard-O-Beef - and a loaf of bread, and made me ravenous every single time I saw it.

- the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV from Commander Keen 6 (1991); "the second-biggest sandwich I ever saw!"

- Soy Food packets from Deus Ex (2000); "Seasoned with nanoscale mechanochemical generators, this TSP (textured soy protein) not only tastes good but also self-heats when its package is opened."

- Crack-O's potato chips from System Shock 2 (1999); "voted the UNN's national food product in the early 21st century, made from slices of common potatoes deep fried in hydrogenated oils. This treat is often supplemented with vitamins to boost its questionable nutritional value."


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