Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

Ah! This time I HAVE enough time to plan, test and consider the options. Toward the end of summer I need to make a quantity of beef "French Dip" sandwiches for a family & friends gathering in my home. Of note: everything will occur at home and in my own kitchen, so this is not a road show and the logistics are easily under control. I have access to a 'deli-grade' commercial slicer that I've used before. **I need *more/better* ideas about the meat and how to cook it.** The end product will be warm, thinly sliced (not pulled) beef on a quality roll with generous cups of *hot* 'Au jus'(sp?)and horseradish sauce available. So far, I'm thinking lean cuts of 'Eye of Round,' cooked, sealed-in with garlic and onion, in a sous vide type gizmo that I made a few years ago. I see the produced juices as a component of the 'Au jus,' chilling the cooked meat before slicing, warming it in broth for service etc. The typical streaks of rare meat just won't happen here and that's OK. I need tasty, very tender slices, in honor of some guests who do not chew as well as they used to. For this event, a robust flavor and gentle texture trump the visual appearance of rare meat. I see many chunks of fresh garlic inserted in the meat and some sliced onion in the sealed bag. What else? Beyond the mental image and the very rough idea about the s.v. cooking, I'm stuck. Your suggestions for additional seasoning, a different cooking method and other ad hoc enhancements are most welcome. Perhaps we can start with time & temp ideas for this cooking method? I have no clue. I'll gladly consider other methods, but.. I'll consider other cuts, I'm not making "Prime Rib on a roll." (Where is @MeatGuy when I need him?) Thank you, fellow eaters and cooks. I'll be checking back for your ideas. With *GRINS,* it is fun to post an inquiry that does NOT need results for "tomorrow's party." This time I have the time... to try other ideas. Thanks! GC


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