What greens are you growing this year?

And what kinds do you like to cook with the most?

I know a lot of you are past the greens, due to your heat, but I just uncovered mine, and will be harvesting some of them soon - leaf lettuce, bok choy, tatsoi, komatsuna, and senposai (a cross of cabbage and komatsuna). All these are cut and come again, and will keep coming, until they bolt. Kohlrabi isn't far behind, and the rest are flowering brassicas, so they will be about another month or more - cauliflowers, hon-tsai tai, and yu choy. Here is a slideshow of the uncovered greens: http://s24.photobucket.com/user/pepperhead212/slideshow/Greens%202013

Anyone have any favorites they grow in the spring? I have really gotten to like the komatsuna and senposai, since they are incredibly productive, mild in flavor, and last well into the summer here. I had senposai last into August, with many 90+ days, before bolting, and even after bolting, they are still good, unlike lettuce, and some other greens.


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