Question about ricotta cheese!

Okay so a while ago I bought some part-skim ricotta cheese. I have never used this stuff before. I opened it a while ago, and when looking at it today it's definitely bad. It turned into a pink sloppy mess. But the date on it goes until June 11th so I don't really understand? Is it because I already opened it and it's not good until that date anymore? If that is the case how long should I use it after opening? Did I store it wrong ( I kept it in a fridge drawer) & my fridge is set at the suggested temperature. Da fuq? Haha. Just curious for the next time I buy some.

Also while on the topic I checked my (packaged) low-moisture part-skim mozzarella and the date goes out until july but then it says use within 3-5 days of opening. I have had it opened for a while but I see no signs of it being spoiled? No mold, not a bad stench, but would it still be bad to use? Uhg who new cheese could be so confusing 0_-


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