Jazz Fest Trip Report 2013

Trip report from NOLA Jazz Fest 2013, 1st weekend... started our culinary journey by heading straight into the fairgrounds for some crawfish monica (posted in the 2007 JazzFest post on SE), which was the bomb. Wishing in hindsight I ate that multiple times! Dinner out at Rio Mar near the Convention Center which I had been two twice previously and had mind alteringly amazing fresh seafood. Sad to say the service was crappy (server forgot our order, ordered one person the wrong thing, didn't bring menus, etc) but the food was still good. Ate out breakie at Stanley for Boudin Benedict with a coffee milkshake -both were unique and huge but I'd rather have a plate of bacon. Inside the show Day #2 - ate peel and eat crawfish (a must suck experience), crawfish etouffee (don't know the secret to this magic yet and may not want to know), rosemint herbal tea (with vodka), crawfish beignets (skip it), and the sweet potato pie (very very good). If someone tries the white bean pie or the fried chicken, I'd love a report! Apres hours, we headed to...a show and didn't eat dinner at all somehow! But we got to see Paige play at Maison which is somehow open all night. Splurged on a Jazz Brunch at Court of the Two Sisters on Sunday morning...picture an all you can eat buffet of the classics of NOLA. Now picture yourself too full to eat after the first round up to the buffet! Our awesome waiter Carl gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going. Food was ok not great, hostess forgot us at the bar for 30 min, but otherwise a good spot. Just read Food Town by Tom Fitzmorris about food history of NOLA - highly recommend you read this book before you go...wish I had. I'd have angled to go to Mr. B's or a classic place, though the menu prices at Mr. B's scared us off when we were about to go (following a local's recommendation). Have fun eating next weekend!


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