It's time to open up a pizzeria!

Hi Foodies, It's been a dream for a few years and now I can make it a reality! After years of going to Naples, just for the pizza...and traveling to find the nearest coal-fired pizzerias..My husband and I want to open up our own. There are a few barriers that stand in the way and I am hoping you good folks might be able to make some helpful suggestions. What kind of oven?....made by who? How do I find a "pizzailo" who can help me refine the dough at a production level. Truthfully, I myself have perfected the sauce, but try as I might it doesn't taste or feel like the doughs from some of my favorite places (Grimaldi's, Marco's, Brandi's, Antiqua da Micheles..... Is coal-fired really that much better than wood? I need to go to "Pizza School" and there are lots out there....what do you all suggest? Anything will help......Thanks!


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