Help with hosting a high school party!

Hey everyone,

I'm hosting a party after exams this summer, and I've got some problems. I'm young and pretty inexperienced in the kitchen, and cooking for 40-70 people is going to be very, very new for me! The largest group I've cooked for in the past has been 5-6 friends. So my challenge here is: how on earth do I do all my cooking for all the snacks and the main and still have time to enjoy the party? I'm also wondering about cooking for many, many people at a larger scale. A further concern of mine is that I have no clue what, exactly, I should be cooking - I'm an eccentric guy, and party food is foreign territory to me. Appealing to all dietary restrictions seems impossible, especially when I could get some unexpected attendees!

The current plan is to have the party run from 6-midnight or later at a friend's place, the day of the last exam 6 hours after it ends. For food, we were thinking of having snacks ready through the night and opening the barbecue for 30m-an hour a couple times for burgers (beef, lamb), fish strips, and souvlaki.

So, I would really appreciate any help! Please poke holes in my plan and arrangements! I'd really appreciate any advice, help, or general tips.

Thanks a lot everyone, Rahul


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