FAST- Emergency Pizza Dough

Slice, the rest of the web and our endless books include countless great dough formulas. Never any argument from me about the benefits of a long fermentation - that way IS better. Still, I need a back-pocket dough formula that will move from mixing to baking as quickly as possible. As much as I hate to impose limits on a request like this, I do care about ingredients: It must use yeast alone as the only leavening (no baking power, please). For this use, I'm not interested in the super-high hydration formulas, the pour and spread types (they have their place, but this is not it). If it helps your thinking, I have and use a humidified, temperature-controlled proof box (12.5" x 15") that will accommodate both bulk and stretched dough to speed the rising. While we lean toward thinner crusts, here, a thicker, 'puffier' crust would be OK. The real need is an active, half-decent dough that can move from flour, water, yeast (and?) to finished pizza **as quickly as possible.** Baking is done in a home oven of 500F max and can be done on a stone, on a flat pan, or skillet etc. (I've done them all and in this case, don't much care. Again, the point is a yeasted dough that can be stretched and baked in the least possible time. Why? Like most other pizza nuts out there, we have our fair share of 9-1-1 pizza needs. Take-out (Take-away?) and delivery are not viable options; it has to be made at home and even when reserved, frozen dough is not available. In advance, my guests and I thank you for your suggestions and any formulas & methods offered. GC. P.S. I'm only concerned about a fast-performing dough; The pantry or fridge always has something great to put on top and we're never without tomato, a reasonable cheese and herbs. Thank you.


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