Best Kept Secret Steak

Hi All,

I do appreciate the input so many of you have given here in the past, and I just haven't found anywhere better than Serious Eats for this kind of feedback, so many knowledgeable folks here.

Anyway, I'm working once again on a new feature over at the website many of you have visited and would love your thoughts. Some of you will recall that I am a retired butcher and maintain a consumer info meat website at Meatshop101.

I'm wanting to know which of the less common grillling steaks are your personal 'Best Kept Secret' steak for the summer grill? I'll get the ball rolling with my own personal favorite: the excellent flat iron steak. I have an article on this cut at the site..the natural, pure beef flavor from this shoulder cut is just phenomenal, naturally tender and grained so perfectly. I really think if more folks tried this cut, they'd be hooked right away.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your thoughts on this, looking forward to feedback!

E Turner - Meatshop101


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