A vegetarian + bacon= meltdown

The other day, we were out to eat at a local, very popular restaurant that does fantastic breakfast burritos. Two women are seated next to us and one orders a burrito without the bacon. When she receives the burrito, she proceeds to eat 90% of it, and then exclaims, oh it has bacon in it!! She starts to cry and just sits there wailing "20 years of vegetarianism, down the drain!!" The waitress is extremely apologetic,and asks her if she wants anything else. She also comped the entire meal and drinks. This lady is flipping out. Not yelling per se, but it was quite the meltdown. Her friend was trying to console her, but also asked why she was so upset, as she was not jewish (I understand that's not a requirement for not eating pork.. it just ruled out one reason she might be so upset). Her friend also said, well you eat chicken and fish and sometimes red meat so is this really so bad (so how exactly is she a vegetarian?!) My question is.. how did she not realize there was bacon in it long before she ate a majority of it? I love bacon, and this place serves very good bacon and the burritos have plenty of it in there. I believe the bacon is pretty noticeable in the food. Granted, I feel bad for her and I know that the restaurant screwed up her order big time and I understand food aversions.

Vegetarians: would you notice if there was bacon in something you were eating, even if you couldn't see it? What would you have done?


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