What's your favourite/disliked fat?

Asking this question because I was offered a taste of my flatmate's goose-fat roasted potatoes and I had a strong response ... YUCK. Overwhelming smelly rancid sesame-oil bird poo smell for me. I had to spit it out.

I know that as humans we're all wired to enjoy fatty foods and that fat is an important contributor to mouthfeel and the solubility of complex flavour compounds. But fats aren't made equal, and our favourites differ... here's mine:

My favourite animal fats: Bacon, butter, bone marrow My favourite vegetable fats: Coconut cream, sesame oil Processed fats: Aioli, Kewpie mayo, chili in oil, hollandaise

Most disliked: Rancid nut oils, goose fat, 'normal' white mayonnaise, olive oil 'creamed' spinach eugh, lard cakes

What's yours? Do you reckon there's a reason for our preferences?


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