The Best food in Vietnam

As part of the tour of the tunnels at Cu Chi we stopped for lunch at Chef Tan's cooking school. It was on the last day of our 9 days trip from Hanoi to Saigon during which we had many nice meals - and also cooking classes in Hoi An. When we arrived early at HCM we made only a stop to have a quick lunch and have not even been hungry... But then the staff at HCM was so friendly to explain during the meal all vegetables we were eating in each course. Almost all of them was grown in their own garden next to the eating area. We found the food was fantastic and superfresh we had soup and 3 other dishes - each dish even more tasty than the one before. And then the fabulous desert (we had fried Bananas with a little chocolate icecream) - wonderful! We tried many very nice restaurants before and were always satisfied - but when while eating at HCM we have decided we have to invent some of these recipies at home... and this was when Chef Tan came by and was so friendly to offer us without even asking (!) that we could have his recipes - this made us almost speachless :-) So we had this allover beautiful experience just before hopping off to our beach holiday (otherwise I would have come back to do a cooking class!) and were thinking a lot of HCM and Chef Tan - THANK YOU!


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