Pomfret Help!!!!

Well I purchased a whole, uncleaned frozen pomfret at my Asian market on a whim and now I gotta figure out how to cook this thing and I want to find out if there are going to be a ton of bones if I cook it whole and also tips on recipes. I've found very little on Google really that isn't a curry style dish and I don't want that really.

I already have it cleaned and all the fins removed and the eyes out, along with the scales scraped really well, but do I need to remove the skin somehow, or will it cook up nicely and be crisp is roasted? Didn't know if it was like catfish skin and had to be removed. Going to cook this thing tonight hopefully in about 6 hours so any tips would be great! I may wait till tomorrow though if it takes some time to get help or if I get any tips at all! LOL.


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