Nettle Spanakopita

Be sure to read my blurb Nettles 101 to make sure you pick the right kind, right place, etc etc.

Total Time:  30 - 50 mins Active Time:  1 hr Number Serves:  4-7 Equipment:  normal kitchenwear


2/3 of a Grocery Bag of fresh picked nettle tops (~2 1/2 cups after blanching and drying)

Preferred fat/oil for cooking

1 Medium Onion

4 Cloves of Garlic

2 Eggs, beaten with a splash of milk

1 cup Ricotta Cheese

1 cup Crumbled Feta

1 pack Filo Dough


Blanch your nettles for 30 seconds, drain, cool, and squeeze out liquid. (Save the juice/ nettle tea, when its cool, gardens love it)

Preheat oven to 350 f.

Saute your chopped onion and crushed garlic over med heat in your preferred cooking fat, olive oil for a lighter meal, bacon fat for a heavier dish.
Stir them as little as possible but get an even browning.

Combine the cheeses and eggs, then add the onions and garlic, finally the cooked nettles.

Grease an 8x8 or 9x9 pan lightly and layer 8 sheets of filo with a lightly brushed layer of oil or fat between each 2 sheets.

Add the nettle filling mixture.

Layer another 4 - 8 sheets of filo with fat/oil between every 2 sheets on top. Fold the edges in and grease the top.

Bake fore 30 - 50 minutes or until top in lightly brown. Turn pan half way for even browning if need be. You've got to know your oven for this part.

Let it cool in the pan for a few minutes and then serve it hot.

If you don't finish the whole pan in one evening you can save it for a day or two by putting a dry clean dish towel over it. Don't refrigerate and don't cover it, it will turn soggy and gross.


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