ID my cast iron?

A while ago I posted about "saving" a cast iron skillet I found in the back of a cabinet when I moved into my new apartment. Well I finally got around to it...after several rounds of spraying/scrubbing with oven cleaner, I gave up and chucked the thing in the automatic oven cleaner cycle. After about 3 hours, everything burned off to dust and I'm left with a clean pan ready to season, which I'm going to start tonight after I de-rust it a bit.

So now I've been searching online to see if I can ID the darned thing. It is a skillet with 2 pour spouts and a short oval handle (i.e. looks like every other cast iron skillet ever). The only markings are an "8" on the top of the handle near where it connects to the skillet, and a "J" on the underside of the handle. The flat bottom is completely smooth, it doesn't have any brand marking or a heat ring. The inside cooking surface feels smooth as glass, which makes me wonder if it could possibly be pretty old. But, the lack of any markings on the bottom makes me think it's just some cheap store brand kinda thing. Either way, I'm happy with the find and I am looking forward to cooking in it, but just curious if anyone who has any kind of expertise in this sort of thing might be able to ID it.


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