Homemade Condiments You Keep on Hand

I keep reading about people who make their own condiments and keep them "on hand" pretty much all the time. I think I read in a banh mi recipe that Kenji keeps pickled daikon radish and carrot slices in his refrigerator all the time, but it only lasts a week so he must keep making it. I think he also wrote that he keeps pickled onions on hand. Somebody else wrote that she makes her own garlic hot sauce and always has some around. And then of course many people make their own salad dressings and store those in the fridge.

I don't do this at all! So I'm wondering how many of you make your own condiments so regularly that you have them on hand about once a month at least? Which condiments ? And finally, what are you eating with these condiments?

You are welcome to give us recipes if you feel like sharing. :-)


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