Help with Artichoke Overload (Canned Heart Quarters in Water)

I was recently gifted a **#10 can** of Quartered Artichoke Hearts, but I've not yet opened them. (That is a LOT of quartered Artichoke Hearts!) This can is an import from Spain and a water-pack, adding only salt and citric and ascorbic acids, NOT the seasoned, oil-pack more commonly available for salad use. My future seems to include some enhanced salads, a pizza or two and several rounds of "Pasta and Artichoke with [fill-in favorite herb]. Those won't be enough to consume this huge can within a reasonable time, once it is opened. With and Exp. date of 04-15, I don't have to open it today. Please help! I need more ideas. I'd also welcome ideas about how to store the remaining portions once the can is opened, drained and rinsed. Thank you in advance and I'll check-back to read your suggestions. I wish that I could email some samples. GC


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