Gluten Contamination Question

I was recently advised by my doctor to go gluten-free (and low-carb + high lean protein) for at least a month, though potentially longer due to anemia, auto-immune illness, and inflammation issues. As an avid gluten and carb eater, this was tough to hear. However, the transition has not been as hard as I was imagining.

As someone who dines out frequently during the week, how important is it to stay away from restaurants and food establishments that have gluten free food, but also state that since the gluten free food is prepared in the same kitchen/facility as the rest of the food, those with celiac's should probably not eat there while those with gluten sensitivity should eat there with caution. As someone who is doing a (hopefully not permanent) elimination diet, do you think the gluten free food would be highly contaminated/there would be way too much gluten contact?

Honestly, I don't mind my food contacting gluten if it doesn't affect my elimination diet/future blood work. My doctor told me to use my discretion in those cases, but I keep reading conflicting reports about the impact of contamination. For example, I thought about ordering a bison burger with a gluten free bun from a place in NYC (Bareburger), but the menu states that although they have gluten free meats and products, those with Celiac's shouldn't eat there, and those with gluten sensitivities should use discretion.

Advice/comments/experiences would be greatly appreciated! And please no comments about making my own food, etc because I already have that under control! I cook when dining at home, but have to eat out for work most weekday meals.


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