Gigino Trattoria, Tribeca, NYC

Has anyone tried this place on Greenwich yet? They have a wood burning oven right up front in the place and some of the pies they were slinging in there looked pretty good. I was there this past summer with my wife's family (who insisted on treating). No one wanted pizza (crazy right?), except me (and very much so), but despite my pleas, I couldn't convince anyone at the table to give it a go (and all were on this "let's share every dish vibe").

Anyways, I gave up after 15 minutes of continuously remarking on how good it looked, the oven looked legit, and it's not your everyday pie but something to give a go. (Out of towners responded with "we didn't come to this nice restaurant for pizza." Ok... time to sulk...) So, now I have no idea what it tastes like but kick myself in the butt for not ordering a pie to go, even if it would have caused an in-law uproar. I'm not living in NYC anymore, so I have to wait until the summer to try!

Wondering if any of you Slicers have made your way over there to try the pizza. Their pasta dishes were pretty darn good, so they're worth the visit. Maybe a review is in order? Would love to hear more about it.


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