EW! I HATE that!!

Major peeve for me is someone who "hates" something they've never even tasted?? My SIL is a VERY sweet woman & I love her... be she "hates" beets and sweet potatoes tho has NEVER even tasted. IMNSHO... that's just WRONG!

When nephew was about 3 (he's 30+ now), we were at Dad's house for T-Day or Christmas. I made sweet potatoes... just bragging a bit when I say they're GOOD... like candy. SIL tells 3 yo... yu won't like them... DOUBLE wrong, IMO. I was able to coax him to try one little bite... bet his poop was orange after the amount he ate. Now he jokes that I can't come to T-Day dinner without them.

People who "hate" asparagus, mushrooms, peas, and a bunch of other veggies... bet it's cuz they've only had them canned and never fresh (or at least frozen)?!?

Is there something you used to "hate" until you tasted the REAL DEAL?


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