Burger blend?

I tried the burger blend I got from this site, and I think it was missing, something? I get all of my meat at Howies in San Gabriel (off of San Gabriel and Duarte, if you haven't been here, go here. Yesterday) and I got 10% chuck, 45% brisket flat, 45% short rib, asked for it to be ground to burger grind.

Cooked over one log of hickory, with some lump charcoal for the heat.

Honestly, I don't like to brag...this was the best burger I've had at home or ordered out. with just some melted strong Irish cheddar melted.

I like the idea of oxtail, but those effers got expensive, quick. I got a pound of brisket, pound of short rib, 1/3 a pound of chuck.

Total Time:  4 minutes per side Active Time:  45 minutes Number Serves:  6 people Equipment:  grill, fire, beer


1 pound of brisket flat

1 pound of short rib

1/3 pound of chuck

all prime, all ground burger grind.


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