What should I do with this amazing broth?

So today, I made this slow-cooker pork shoulder recipe (yes, I know that it probably shouldn't be called barbecue, but it delicious nonetheless). In addition to leftover barbecue sauce, I also strained and skimmed the fat from nearly 3 quarts of the broth that the pork cooked in for 8 hours.

The broth is part apple juice, part chicken stock, part pork-juice, and part onion-juice. It is sweet, like really good onion soup, with lots of onion flavor and plenty of meaty backbone from the chicken stock and pork. It's also pretty well seasoned from the dry rub on the pork and the bay leaf and thyme combo called for in the recipe.

Honestly, I would happily just eat it as is for my next meal, but my wife is not as fond of broth-with-nothing-in-it, so I'm looking for suggestions; what should I add to this broth to make a filling, hearty soup? At this point I'm leaning towards embracing the onion-soupness of it all and caramelizing some onions with Kenji's super-fast method, stirring them in, and adding cheesy croutons, but I'd love other ideas to knock around.


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