Washing DC - Where can I buy a mumbo/mambo sauce?

I recently learned of the existence of this unique DC condiment and thought of it as good gift for my recent travel to DC.

I tried to find a place to purchase the sauce before I was leaving DC around Georgetown but most Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood didn't carry it (I guess the neighborhood's too fancy for that).

I ended up buying it from the nearest Chinese restaurant & bar in Arlington that was also a sushi place (always a bad sign).

To be honest, I didn't try the sauce and just left it in the fridge because I wasn't exactly thrilled of the place.

Well I have to visit DC next week again and wish to make another try. Any recommendation of good place to purchase the mambo/mumbo sauce in DC?

P.S. The receipt from the restaurant I purchased stated it as "general tso's sauce" instead of mambo sauce. Are they the same thing?


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