John S. ham sandwich

This is my dad's (John S.) favorite sandwich to pack when he went fishing. What makes this sandwich unique is the liberal amount of black pepper on the tomatoes

Active Time:  5 Number Serves:  1 Equipment:  knife


white thin sliced sandwich bread
Boiled Danish ham
ripe summer tomato
black pepper
iceberg lettuce


1- lightly butter each slice of bread
2- lightly spread the mayo on each bread slice
3- 2 thin slices Danish ham
4- 1/4 tsp French's yellow mustard
5- 1 layer of very thin 1/8" slices ripe summer tomatoes
6- salt to taste
7- 1/4-1/2 tsp black pepper
8-1 flattened iceberg lettuce leaf
9- top slice of bread
10- slice in half
11- wrap tightly in waxed paper


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