Creating Your Own Special Cereal

Last night I was really craving Cinnamon Burst Cheerios, but as luck would have it, I only had Frosted, Chocolate and Yellow-Box (my stash was running low, as I have been working a lot this week and haven't had a chance to go to the supermarket yet).

So, since I had sugar and cinnamon on hand (I always have those, thank goodness), I decided to create my own Cinnamon Burst Cheerios by putting the cinnamon and sugar in a large zip-top bag along with a lot of Yellow-Box Cheerios, closed it and tossed it around a few dozen times.

Miraculously, it worked a trick! I may never need to buy the "real thing" again, since the plain ones are cheaper already (at least where I live) and I always have the ingredients.

So, my question to you Eaters is this: Have you ever done this? Did it work, or was it a failure? Are there things that you would want to do like this and just haven't?


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